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Our Story


Love and Social Responsibility


——  Alice Yeung(Founder)——


I often say a sentence to everyone: The company is a stage, the protagonist of the singing is all the colleagues of the company, singing good or bad, all about the individual, as the boss, what props are needed, what clothing are needed, the company will provide corresponding Props and costumes. The idea is to tell everyone that in fact everyone is working for themselves. The fate of each person is determined by himself. It is also "if you want it, you must rely on yourself."



I will also tell everyone that the company does not have a vision of contributing to the country on a tall, and some are just insignificant wishes, that is: colleagues who want to grow up with the company can afford a house and a car. I believe that every colleague has a small family behind him. Only when he grows up and makes money, his little family can live well, even his original family, or his children's future family.


Sunny Worldwide Logistics Co., established its own university "SUNNY Business University" in October 2012. Management Master Drucker said that we want to establish a learning organization, and our ancestors also said that "live and learn, never too old to learn". 



We not only carry out professional knowledge training, but also carry out life and life education. We not only have excellent internal lecturers like SUSAN, JANE, RICKY, MICHAEL, but also outstanding external lecturers like Yang Ru, Youwei Zhang and Xuhua Guo. The overall quality of everyone who is cultivating. It is very valuable that from 2018 onwards, the company has emerged a group of colleagues who took the initiative to stand up and take the initiative to do beautiful PPT for sharing, such as sharing how to maintain VIP customers of Mr MICHAEL, sharing intellectual property and international forms of Mr. ROY, sharing taxation knowledge of Mrs Zhu.


I have always believed in a sentence "I am the source of everything." 


Everything is related to me, from my own, my family, to my country, and even to the vast universe of my existence. Therefore, everyone at Sunny Worldwide Logistics is striving to be the best. Be a responsible person and be a socially responsible person. So when We encounter a disease, an accident, a rescue, a student, etc., as a logistics person, we will do our meager efforts, sometimes material, sometimes spiritual, and let the world different because of me.



In July 2012, the leader of the Shenzhen Internet Chamber of Commerce said that the Chamber of Commerce had to hold a charity performance for fundraising for leukemia children. While attending the donation, Sunny Worldwide Logistics also sent a program carefully arranged by colleagues. In order to be able to perform this program, everyone rehearsed in the East Lake Park or in the company for long time. In the end, a total of 250,000 donations were raised and handed over by the Chamber of Commerce leaders to the parents of the children. Chairman Mao said: The fire of the stars can be punished. I believe that this charity performance has planted a seed of love for all colleagues.

There are many inheritances in Sunny Worldwide Logistics. The masters carry the inheritance of the apprentices, share the inheritance of culture, the inheritance of love culture, and the inheritance of responsible culture. I believe that with these inheritance, Sunny Worldwide Logistics has a good future.