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21,954 TEU! This ship carries the most containers in the world

21,954 TEU! This ship carries the most containers in the world

ENMA www.weiyun001.com, maritime service network CNSS 2023-11-29 10:44:48

Japanese shipping company Ocean Network Express (ONE) has broken the world record for the number of containers loaded on a single ship at the port of Singapore and ports around the world.

Recently, the 24,000 TEU capacity "ONE ntegrity" loaded 21,954 TEU at the Port of Singapore, exceeding the previous loading milestone set by Evergreen's container ship "Ever Ace" on August 14, 2021, when the ship's loading capacity is 21,710 TEU.

While the world's largest container ships now have a carrying capacity of 24,000 TEU, the maximum number of containers a ship can actually carry is well below its rated capacity due to a combination of factors such as cargo weight and ship stability.

Recently, the "ONE Integrity" has risen to the first place in terms of container volume, and Evergreen's "Ever Ace" has fallen to the second place. The loading capacity of both ships has exceeded the two previous records set by CMA CGM container ships. For this achievement, CMA CGM container ships loaded 21,433 TEU (April 2021) and 20,723 TEU (October 2020) respectively during the voyage, currently ranking third and fourth respectively in terms of loading volume.

ONE's ships restored the previous record set in 2019, when the container ship MOL Trbute loaded 19,100 TEU, surpassing the then Maersk Shipbuilding milestone of 19,038 TEU achieved in August 2018.

The record-breaking "ONE Integrity" container has a length of 399 meters, a width of 61 meters, and a draft of 16.5 meters. The ship will be delivered to the operator in 2023.