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U.S. importers, please note, what is the FDA registered Dun & Bradstreet number (DUNS)?

U.S. importers, please note, what is the FDA registered Dun & Bradstreet number (DUNS)?

Lian Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2023-09-21 15:54:25

Recently the United StatesFDA has issued new requirements, requiring importing companies to apply for DUNS#.
DUNS# is a system under the FDA. It is one of the company information that the FDA officially requires when a company registers with the FDA.


what is FDA registered?


FDA registration, which can also be called FDA registration, refers to the fact that cosmetics, medical devices, food, lasers, LED lamps and other products must be exported to the United States. Registered with the U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration and ensuring that the product complies with In compliance with relevant U.S. standards and health and safety requirements, some products must also undergo relevant testing before they can be successfully registered.


What is Dun & Bradstreet coding?


Deng's code (D-U-N-S Number, full name: Data Universal Numbering System). It is a unique 9-digit global coding system that acts like an identification code for businesses (similar to a personal ID card). Dun & Bradstreet coding is widely used in corporate identification, organization and sorting of business information. It can help identify and quickly locate global corporate information. It is a must-have material for developers to apply for a company/enterprise-level Apple developer account.

FDA Registration and Dun & Bradstreet Numbers (DUNS) the difference


DUNS# is registered by the US importer, and the FDA certificate is registered and obtained by the shipper domestically. DUNS# is for corporate titles, not for every product. For example, if a company has different cosmetic products, it only needs to apply for one DUNS#. Currently, only US importers are required to apply for a DUNS#.

common problem1: Which companies specifically need to apply?
Its products include: medical devices, food, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, and cosmetics.

common problem2: Who will provide the consignor and consignee?DUNS#?
Normally, the consignee in the United States must provide .

common problem3: Dishes and other food contact products , Which one is offered?
--The tableware only needs to be reported to the customs by the customs broker and submitted to the FDA. There is no need to provide the FDA product registration number.

common problem4: cosmetic/Body lotion/Shampoo/Shower gel , Which one is offered?
--Currently, the customs requires filling in the non-toxic certificate TSCA FORM (the agent will provide a format to fill in, stamp, sign and provide a copy). There is no need to provide DUNS# before December 1st. number. Required after December 1 DUNS# number is required.

common problem5: How to get your own company’sDUNS number
--Please go to the official website to obtain it. Registration is free. It takes about 30 working days for approval. The person in charge of the company must make the request. Outsiders cannot assist. Customers need to study how to register themselves.

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