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confirm! Another freighter was sunk! Only 48 hours…

Samira Samira 2024-06-21 09:32:13

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In recent days, Houthi armed forces have become more frequent and vicious in their attacks on merchant ships sailing in the Red Sea and Arabian Sea. Shipwrecks and crew casualties continue to appear in a short period of time!


confirm! Another freighter was sunk!


According to CCTV News, on the evening of June 18 local time in Yemen, news from the UK Maritime Trade Operations Office (UKMTO), which is affiliated with the British military, showed that the "TUTOR" cargo ship, which had been attacked by Houthi armed forces, was 66 nautical miles southwest of Hodeidah, Yemen. sink.


On the 12th, the Houthi armed forces announced that they attacked the cargo ship "TUTOR" on the Red Sea through unmanned speedboats, drones and ballistic missiles.


It is understood that this cargo ship flying the Liberian flag and operated by a Greek company was attacked on the 12th about 67.7 nautical miles away from the port of Hodeidah, the main port city on the Red Sea in Yemen. A small boat loaded with explosives hit the stern of the "TUTOR", causing the cargo ship to catch fire, damage and floods.One crew member is missing, losing motivation.


Shortly after being attacked by a small boat, the freighter was again targeted from the air by a drone. The Houthis claimed to have attacked the "TUTOR" that day.


Due to the serious damage to the cargo ship "TUTOR", the crew was forced to abandon ship on the 14th. On the 18th, the British Navy discovered wreckage and oil stains at the last reported location of the "TUTOR", confirming that the ship had sunk in the waters east of Eritrea.


This is the second time that the Houthi armed forces have sunk a cargo ship since they announced attacks on shipping routes such as the Red Sea. Previously, the British cargo ship "Rubi Mar" sank in the waters off the coast of Yemen on March 1 after being hit by a Houthi armed missile.


The "Rubi Mar" sunk by Houthi armed forces ▲


Two merchant ships sunk in 48 hours


Additionally, the freighter Verbena appears to have sunk after being hit by multiple missiles in the Gulf of Aden.


On June 16, local time, Houthi armed military spokesman Yahya Saraya issued a statement saying that in the past 72 hours, the cargo ship "Verbena" was blocked in the Gulf of Aden due to "violating the ban on entering Israeli ports." It sank after being hit by multiple missiles.



It is reported that the bulk carrier "Verbena" (11,400 dwt, built in 2008) claimed by the Houthis to have sunk was owned by Ukraine and managed by Poland. At the time of the incident, the ship was transporting a shipment of wooden construction materials from Malaysia to Italy.


According to information provided by the British Maritime Trade Operations Office (UKMTO), the "Verbena" was first attacked on June 13. At that time, the ship reported that it was hit by two unknown shells and a fire broke out on the ship. A day later, the ship again reported being hit by a third unknown shell, causing further damage to the hull.



The UK Maritime Trade Operations Office (UKMTO) stated in an update on the 15th that at 12:27 on June 15, the "Verbena" successfully abandoned the ship. The captain stated in the final report that the ship was out of control and was still burning. , and is sinking,The specific location is 30 nautical miles northeast of Djibouti, near 11*47"36"N 043*37"12"E.


At the same time, the U.S. Central Command also confirmed in a report that the crew of the "Verbena" abandoned ship. "Due to the persistent and uncontrollable fire, the crew abandoned the ship," U.S. Central Command said.


It is worth noting that the time interval between the sinking "Tutor" and the "Verbena" claimed by the Houthi armed forces to have been sunk was less than 48 hours!


Red Sea attacks continue to escalate


Maritime attacks in the Middle East tracked by the Washington Institute show there have been more than 70 attacks in the southern Red Sea and western Gulf of Aden since November.


Martin Kelly, director of consulting at EOS Risk Group, wrote on “X” that in recent days (since June 8), the Houthis have escalated their attacks and increased their accuracy. The number of reported attacks so far this month is comparable to the number of attacks in May.


A report released by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) on the 13th emphasized that the Houthi armed forces’ attacks on shipping are putting tremendous pressure on international trade. At least 65 countries and 29 different energy and shipping companies have been directly attacked. Influence.



According to the latest reports from foreign media, the Houthi armed forces’ attacks on Red Sea shipping have reduced the region’s container throughput by 90%. With rising insurance costs, it seems that it is necessary to attract shipping companies to return to the region in the short term. It's not just the Navy's support.


According to a DIA report, the detour around Africa adds about 11,000 nautical miles and million in fuel costs, but from a financial perspective it compares favorably with taking the Red Sea route during crisis conditions.


The report said: “For many shipping lines, the combined cost of crew bonuses, war risk insurance (roughly 1,000% higher than pre-war costs) and Suez transit fees made the additional time and financial costs of sailing in Africa cheaper.


“As of mid-February, insurance premiums for Red Sea transits have risen to between 0.7% and 1% of a ship’s total value, compared with less than 0.1% before December 2023, when Houthi attacks on more ships escalate.”