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What are the US shipping ports?

aaron wl 2023-03-17 16:15:37

U.S. routes are usually called the US line, and the US ports are usually divided into western and eastern United States in accordance with geographical location.

West Basic Harbor:

Long Beach Long Beach

Oakland Auckland

Seattle, WA Seattle

LOS Angeles

Los Angeles

East Basic Harbor:

Miami Miami

New York

Norfolk Nofflerk

Houston Houston

Savannah Savanna

Charleston Charlston

Jacksonville Jacksonville

Many major ports in the world are also located in the United States; the busiest is the Los Angeles and Changdi Port in California, and the port of New York. They are all the busiest ports in the world.There are also many shipping transportation of the five major lakes areas (Lake Subrich, Lake Michigan, Yili, Houlun, and Ontario). Each lake is widely connected with the river network of the Mississi River, and the downstream of the river directly leads to the Atlantic Ocean.The first Eric Canal, which connects the five major lakes and the Atlantic Ocean, has contributed to the rapid agriculture and industrial development of the Midwest of the United States, and has made New York City's economic center in the United States.