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China-Europe trains add new routes! What are the precautions for international railway transportation?

China-Europe trains add new routes! What are the precautions for international railway transportation?

ENMA sofreight.com 2023-09-27 11:19:51

On September 8, a train full of cars set off from the Wuhan Central Railway Station of the China Railway Union. It will leave the country via Erenhot and head to Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia.
This train contains a total of 55 large containers and 165 vehicles and is expected to arrive directly in Sverdlovsk Oblast in 14 days. Up to now, China-Europe Railway Express (Wuhan) has a total of 49 stable border transportation routes, radiating 40 countries and 113 cities.

01What are the advantages of China-Europe trains?
As a fast, safe and stable mode of transportation, China-Europe trains have become increasingly popular in Europe and China in recent years. As one of the transportation methods, LCL can help customers achieve the most economical and flexible freight solution when the freight volume is small.
Compared with traditional LCL transportation, the practical skills of China-Europe LCL transportation pay more attention to the safety and protection of the goods in the box, so there are higher requirements for cargo packaging and fixing skills.
During the actual operation, you first need to pay attention to whether the packaging of the goods is qualified to avoid accidents during transportation caused by improper packaging or loose loading.
Secondly, it is necessary to ensure that the goods are fixed inside the LCL to prevent the goods from shaking or colliding during transportation. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to factors such as temperature, humidity and ventilation inside the LCL to ensure the safety of the goods during transportation.

02 Precautions for international railway transportation

01 Check the condition of the container
Before shipment, please carefully check whether the container meets the requirements for shipment. If there are any stains, marks, holes, etc., you can refuse the shipment and immediately
Notify me immediately to coordinate or repair the container.

02Do not overload
The cargo weight limit stipulated in international railway transport is 21.5 tons/20"; 26.5 tons/40"

03Cannot be biased
Unbalanced loading affects railway loading operations and seriously affects driving. It is required that the center of gravity of the goods be in the middle position, and the deviation from the center of the cross line at the bottom of the box should not exceed 10 cm, and the loading amount should be balanced.

04 Goods collagen is appropriate
Improper arrangement of cargo boxes may cause the cargo to move when driving and turning, or even cause the vehicle to overturn, seriously affecting the safety of the cargo.

05 Carton number
For tallying and customs inspection, the containers should be clearly numbered and accurately reflected on the packing list to facilitate tally and customs inspection.

06The shipping order data is consistent
The cargo information filled in the shipping authorization form must be consistent with the actual shipping information and the content of the waybill, especially the cargo name, volume, etc. Otherwise, it will result in inconsistent freight or even refund.