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Donations and assistance make Sunny Worldwide Logistics extraordinary and caring.

Alice Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2024-05-21 14:34:22

Sunny Worldwide Logistics The atmosphere of the company is very good, every time I enter Sunny Worldwide Logistics Everyone in the company can see the busy figure of everyone in the company and see everyone’s bright smiling faces. can feel Sunny Worldwide Logistics That kind of cultural atmosphere of forge ahead, hard work, and warmth.


Every time I hear friends or interviewers say Sunny Worldwide Logistics I feel very proud of the evaluation."Dream, passion, pragmatism, responsibility, caution, win-win, happiness, courage, collaboration, willingness, responsibility, learning, execution"13The company is us Sunny Worldwide Logistics core business philosophy. Sunny Worldwide Logistics The founder of the company, Mr. Yang, is a person who continues to learn and is particularly caring. Sunny Worldwide Logistics Her spirit has been inherited in the company’s corporate spirit. Follow-up Sunny Worldwide Logistics In the process of recruiting people, this is always considered13This word is the cornerstone of interviewing talents. The so-called three views of the interviewer are consistent with the three views of the company. Only those with the same philosophy can go further. This is what we often say is a good match.

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3During the epidemic this year, Sunny Worldwide Logistics The founder of Mr. Yang came back from abroad with his friends. First distributed to colleagues in the company and our upstream and downstream customers, Later, the company purchased a large number of masks and gave them to remote rural areas. During the epidemic, when she learned that Wuhan residents had no vegetables, she actively contacted the vegetable growing base in Guangdong and delivered2Cart vegetables and entrust local friends to distribute them to local communities. Sunny Worldwide Logistics World Freight Forwarding AllianceWCA,China Freight Forwarding AllianceCIFA, China Communications AssociationISEA, deep routeSZAA, Jincheng Logistics AssociationJC TRANS, WIFFA, FUDAMember of several associations. Whenever these associations initiate activities such as establishing hope primary schools, building roads in disaster areas, and sponsoring charity, Sunny Worldwide Logistics will actively participate in these activities. Sunny Worldwide Logistics Founder Mr. Yang said"Small love brings together big love. Only when everyone gives a little love can the world be filled with infinite vitality."

Apart from Sunny Worldwide Logistics The company’s expression of love, Founder Mr. Yang20For many years, we have insisted on donating to people in need on the crowdfunding platform, and at the same time, we have continued to sponsor children in impoverished mountainous areas to study.

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Sunny Worldwide Logistics All colleagues in the company, led by founder Mr. Yang, often participate in various volunteer activities in Shenzhen on weekends. Some colleagues go to the beach or park to pick up plastic bottles and bags. Some colleagues went to participate in fire drills. Some colleagues go to learn psychological first aid, and some accompany blind people to run in the park on weekends. Some colleagues participate in public psychological counseling training on weekends. Some colleagues participate in Shenzhen subway diversion services, and some bring friends to volunteer on weekends......, we often say that when you give someone a rose, the fragrance lingers in your hand. us Sunny Worldwide Logistics Use your own actual actions to practice and convey"like".

and Sunny Worldwide Logistics When cooperating with such a caring enterprise, are we still worried about not being able to provide high-quality services? Hurry up and try a small order.