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Hiding here? ! Three people sailed 2,700 nautical miles with the ship and were discovered...

sofreight.com sofreight.com 2024-05-17 10:51:27

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According to foreign media reports, when an oil tanker arrived in Spain's Canary Islands on Monday local time, three stowaways were found sitting on the rudder of the oil tanker. When people on the boat found them, they were taken to a local hospital, and local immigration services emphasized that this was not the first case of immigrants trying to dangerously cross the border.


Spanish maritime rescue service Salvamento Maritimo reported that three Nigerian citizens were found on board a tanker that arrived in Las Palmas, the capital of Gran Canaria, from Nigeria. Gran Canaria is one of the Spanish Canary Islands located in northwest Africa.


The 51,000-dwt oil tanker "Alithini II" began a voyage of approximately 2,700 nautical miles in Logos, Nigeria on November 17, local time. The tanker, registered in Malta, had been at sea for 11 days.


According to reports, the agency's patrol boat "Salvamar Nunki" was conducting a routine patrol when the crew spotted three immigrants sitting on the top edge of the rudder and immediately reported it to the patrol boat for inspection. Reports indicate the three men were less than two feet (0.6 meters) from the water.



Image source: Shipping Online




They received emergency medical treatment on the dock. They appeared to be suffering from dehydration and hypothermia, according to local media reports. They were then sent to two local hospitals for continued treatment.


Organizations following Europe's migrant crisis stress that this is an ongoing situation. Thousands of people are fleeing North and West Africa, most of them trying to cross the Mediterranean. There are also attempts being made to cross the Atlantic from West Africa to the Canary Islands. Spain's interior ministry estimates that nearly 12,000 people will arrive on the islands in 2022, mostly by small boats.


Txema Santana, immigration adviser to the Canary Islands government, retweeted a picture of the incident released by the authorities, writing: "This is not the first and it will not be the last. Stowaways do not always have such luck."


Local media in the Canary Islands reported at least two other recent smuggling cases also involving stowaways found aboard commercial ships arriving from Logos, Nigeria.


In October 2020, they reported that three migrants were also spotted on the rudder of another tanker arriving in Spain's Canary Islands. A month earlier, Spanish authorities found four other migrants on the rudder of a Norwegian oil tanker as it docked in Las Palmas.


Spain provided medical treatment but ordered the tanker to hand over the stowaways to Norwegian authorities.


Txema Santana, an immigration adviser for the Canary Islands government, told The Associated Press that in most cases the cost of migrants being sent back is borne by shipping companies.