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Regret it? Some people in the UK are calling for rejoining the EU

Regret it? Some people in the UK are calling for rejoining the EU

sofreight.com sofreight.com 2023-09-28 21:03:01


Amazon officially launches "Amazon Supply Chain"



Recently, at the 2023 Amazon Annual Seller Conference held in the United States, Amazon officially released the "Amazon Supply Chain" and announced that it will provide sellers with an integrated and automated supply chain solution covering all sales channels, which will help sellers move their goods from manufacturing to Business offices ship directly to customers around the world.

It is reported that Amazon Supply Chain will integrate its own Amazon logistics tools and leverage Amazon's powerful global distribution and transportation infrastructure, advanced technology and real-time knowledge of the supply chain to optimize global and local logistics, customs clearance, warehousing and multi-channel distribution. Integrated supply chain system.



Chinese demand drives Australian agricultural exports to record



According to Australia's "Canberra Times" website, in the 2022-2023 fiscal year, Australia's agricultural exports hit a record high for the second consecutive year, with exports increasing by nearly 20% to reach 80 billion Australian dollars.


China is the largest destination for Australian grain exports, with export value increasing by 62.5% to A.4 billion. China is also the largest destination for Australian beef cattle exports, accounting for 22% of Australia's total beef cattle exports. Australian almond and cotton exports to China have also increased.


Overall, China accounts for about 20% of Australia's agricultural exports, becoming Australia's fastest-growing market for agricultural exports for the second consecutive year.



The second 700TEU electric container ship was successfully launched




According to an official notice issued by COSCO Shipping Group, recently, following the world's first 700TEU pure battery-powered container ship N997, its sister ship N998 was successfully launched at Yangzhou COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry No. 1 Dock, marking that the main body of the ship has been basically completed. Entering the dock commissioning and mooring test phase.


These two sister ships were built by Yangzhou COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry, a subsidiary of COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry, for COSCO Shipping Development. According to the construction plan, they will all be delivered and put into operation on the Yangtze River inland river by the end of this year, helping to green upgrade the golden waterway.



Some people in the UK are calling for rejoining the EU



According to Global Information Broadcasting, on the 23rd local time, some British people held a large-scale demonstration in central London, calling for rejoining the European Union.


The UK decided to leave the EU in a referendum in 2016. Since then, the UK has been suffering from the aftermath of Brexit.


Brexit not only affects the flow of people, goods and trade between the UK and Europe, but also drags down the development of the UK's pillar industry - financial services.


Previous polls have shown that more than 50% of British people believe that Brexit is a mistake. Especially in the face of the current situation of economic stagnation and high inflation, more and more British people are beginning to "regret leaving the EU".