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Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2024 May Day Holiday Notice

Lian Sunny Worldwide logistics 2024-04-30 18:53:10

May Day is a very important holiday. Its significance is to commemorate the labor and contributions of the working class. It is also a holiday to recognize and thank all people who work hard.


The May Day holiday arrangements for Sunny Worldwide logistics are now notified as follows:


5moon1day to5moon5Day off, five days in total

5moon6No. Normal work


period Various business consultations of the company , If you cannot reply in time, sorry for the inconveniences caused.


You can also leave us a message,

Mail: logistics01@swwlogistics.com.cn

Tel /WeChat/whatsapp ): 86 14775192452 (Lian)

thank you all Always been right Hongmingda With the support and trust of logistics, we will continue to provide you with high-quality logistics services.

Sunny Worldwide logistics wish Everyone May Day Happy Labor Day !

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