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The goddesses of Sunny Worldwide Logistics, their beauty and extraordinary power

even Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2024-03-08 14:18:16

March 8, 1909

chicago women usa

March and rally for "gender equality"


IIn 1910

Denmark, International Socialist

Second Women's Congress

Unanimous proposal to adopt "World Women's Struggle Day"


On March 8, 1911

The first International Women's Day


1924, in China

Kuomintang Central Executive Committee

Minister of Women He Xiangning

Proposal at the Kuomintang Congress in Guangzhou


Official media People's Daily

The "March 8th" International Women's Day and

The image of “new Chinese women”


On December 1949

In China, the Government Affairs Council of the Central People's Government

formally established

March 8th is Women’s Day in China


After more than 100 years of struggle

Women's Day in 1975

Designated as International Women’s Day by the United Nations


On this day, women from all continents of the world

Regardless of nationality, race, language, culture,

economic and political differences,

Pay attention to women's human rights.

Next, real-life photos appear to introduce to everyone

Sunny Worldwdie Logisticsthe goddesses

(Alice Yang Yunping, founder of Sunny Worldwide Logistics, photographed during the Chinese New Year in 2024)

(Susan Lin, Vice President of Sunny Worldwide Logistics, on a business trip abroad)

(Lin Xiang Susan and Marketing Manager Zhu Liping Jolie attended the World Cargo Alliance WCA meeting in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on February 27, 2024)

(Jane Liu Wufeng, Vice President of Sunny Worldwide Logistics, is processing logistics orders)

(Monthly performance champion in February 2024, Jim Lu Jingmei)

(January 2024 Monthly Champion, Chen Jingting Ting)

(On February 2024, You Danchun Dancy from the Marketing Department, the King of Extreme Challenges, achieved another great result)

(On January 2024, Customer Service Department Manager Zhang Meihua Jessy, Hexagon Warrior Xiuwai Huizhong)

(On January 2024, Operations Department Manager Yang Jiaqi Joey, a very awesome girl with social skills)

(On January 2024, the new sales star of the business department, Tu Ogilvy Kate, broke through the first order)

(On February 2024, Lei Haowen Hellen, Drunken Beauty Lecturer of the Ministry of Commerce)

(2023-2024, monthly performance champion, goddess Top 1)

(Mr. Yang specially invited Dr. Chen to the company to give a lecture on "Caring for Women's Health")

Today, the author sorted out the company's photos, and was once again conquered by the goddesses of Sunny Worldwide Logistics. Everyone is a bright star, shining with their own unique light. There are many goddess photos and deeds, to be later slowly with you.

Dear goddesses, I am amateur editor Lian (Xuelian), and I want to share with you a piece of text that I like very much:


I hope you have high heels and running shoes, drink tea and drink. I hope you have a deep affection for everything in the past, but never look back. I hope you are especially beautiful, especially brave, especially gentle, and especially ruthless.

(Photo taken by Lian from the Promotion Department of Sunny Worldwide Logistics in 2019 in Jiangsu)

Loving yourself is the beginning of lifelong romance

on this special holiday

May you be as firm and confident as the queen

at last,Sunny Worldwide LogisticsMainly engaged in European and American dedicated lines, door-to-door service in Southeast Asia. Welcome to place a small trial order. What you are looking for is not a freight forwarder, you are looking for a group of people who love life.


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