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my country imports Brazilian corn by bulk ship for the first time

Elena Souhang.com 2023-01-09 17:56:06

The reporter learned from COFCO Group on the 7th that this is the first time that my country has imported Brazilian corn by bulk ship, marking the official opening of the Brazilian corn export corridor, which will have a positive and far-reaching impact on strengthening China-Brazil agricultural cooperation and maintaining the security and stability of the global agricultural supply chain.


Brazil is the world's third largest corn producer and the second largest corn exporter in the world. Its annual corn export volume exceeds 40 million tons, accounting for about a quarter of global corn exports, complementing the seasons of grain-producing countries in the northern hemisphere. Opening up the export channel of Brazilian corn to China can form a diversified corn circulation pattern in which North America, South America, and the Black Sea complement each other, and better balance seasonal and regional fluctuations.


Ma Tongchao, the person in charge of COFCO Trading, said that he looks forward to strengthening China-Brazil agricultural cooperation, and is willing to do his best to introduce high-quality Brazilian agricultural products to China, which will not only solve the problem of Brazilian farmers' agricultural product sales, but also meet the domestic demand for agricultural products, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.


At present, the Brazilian corn purchased by COFCO is arriving in China one after another. Wang Yunchao, the relevant person in charge of COFCO International, said that he will continue to optimize the process and realize the normal supply of Brazilian corn as soon as possible. The supply chain of the agricultural and food industry chain is stable and smooth.


As my country's largest international grain merchant with the entire industrial chain, COFCO has established a stable grain corridor between major global agricultural grain production areas and emerging markets in Asia, including connecting Southeast Asia, the Far East, North and South America, Australia, and the Black Sea. District channel network. COFCO has invested more than US.3 billion in Brazil. COFCO's annual global sales volume of agricultural products is more than double that of China's annual import volume. In 2022, COFCO's agri-food business volume will reach 180 million tons, becoming a deep participant in the global agri-food industry chain.