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Thank you for working with Sunny Worldwdie Logistics

Thank you for working with Sunny Worldwdie Logistics

Lee Sunny Worldwdie Logistics 2023-11-23 20:55:43

long road·Thank you for your company

Life is like a long journey,

On this road, we meet different people

Thank you for all the wonderful encounters

Let us gather together in the big family of Sunny Worldwdie Logistics

The years pass by despite the ups and downs

In the blink of an eye, it’s another year

The ups and downs of this year

Thank you for your efforts and dedication

Believe that the future will be better

let's work hard together! ! !

Live in this precious world, every day is a good day


Thank you parents

Thanks to my parents for their company

Our parents have been with us since we were born

Maybe this is why you grow up with me and I grow old with you

Differences in life timelines

and the consTAnt changes in the trajectory of life

Let this kind of companionship become a luxury sometimes

Thanks to my parents for accompanying me during my growth period

in the days to come

Please also give your parents enough companionship

Friends, please express your love bravely to your parents


Thank you lover

In the course of our time


People keep coming and people keep leaving


We ended up in a huge sea of ​​people


Choose the one you want to accompany for the rest of your lifeTA


Thank you loved ones for accompanying each other


yesTATheir company gives us warmth


Illuminating the long journey of our lives


May we stay together through thick and thin, with unwavering affection


Thanks friends

Because it's too familiar

I always feel that saying thank you is too official

Friends are the family we choose

From first acquaintance to knowing each other, the reason is the same frequency for a while

Maybe it’s a lifelong companionship

Thanks for the companionship and friendship

They care about each other when they are not around

It’s the desire to share that never fades.

It’s eating, drinking, playing and having fun

is the destroyer of loneliness

Thank you friends for giving me warmth like the sun

Make us feel that the world is beautiful


Thank you customers

Autumn harvest and winter storage Time is like a song

Time is good at write stories

Also know how to look back and be grateful

because of your choice

We have the intersection of stories

On this special day of Thanksgiving

Thank you for your trust and trust

Let us become better versions of ourselves

We will continue to live up to our trust with the greatest sincerity and trust in the future.

Hongmingda Logistics More of a cargo owner than a cargo owner


thank myself

Life is not exciting every moment

thank you for this year

When experiencing troughs and setbacks

Still optimistic and facing myself who never gave up

thank you for this year

The self who has been working hard, persevering, and loving

Thank you for bravely accepting the ordinary this year

Fearless to curse the lost self

Willing to continue to be independent, confident, enthusiastic and brave

Fearless of wind and rain Go forward courageously

You and I are both the best freight forwarders

Thanks for meeting·Work together

Because of you, I am grateful

Thank you for accompanying me all the way, it will be more exciting with you

Thanks for the acquaintance, wonderful colleagues

Life is centered, getting better and better

Be grateful and be gentle with everything you encounter

Thank you for life, there are deprivations and gifts

Keep walking and be grateful

Walking together, laughing together

Fighting side by side, the future is promising

Live up to your time, live up to your dreams

Thank you for being with me on this journey

Those who share the same will conspire together, those who share the same mind will walk together

I want to say thank you, not just today

There is you every day

Incorporate beauty into your daily life and make gratitude no longer hasty

Sunny Worldwdie LogisticsHappy Thanksgiving! !