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What a scam. For logistics from China to Malaysia, don’t choose Sunny Worldwdie Logistics

What a scam. For logistics from China to Malaysia, don’t choose Sunny Worldwdie Logistics

Lian Sunny Worldwdie Logistics 2023-11-24 22:52:20

HaVe you ever been China to Malaysia Worried about logistics and transportation?

Don't know from China to Malaysia need a few days?

confused from China to Malaysia What transportation method should be chosen?

How can goods be shipped from China to Malaysia ?


from China to Malaysia freight transportation Have some complexity , receive Transnational regulations and policies , Goods packaging and marking , Transportation methods and route selection , Documentation and customs clearance Affected by other factors, it is important to choose a reliable freight forwarder.


Hongmingda Logistics’ main business is from China to Malaysia dedicated line , Various Transportation method , Meet the needs of different customers

  1. Door-to-door air freight with double clearance and tax included;

2. Door-to-door shipping with tax included;

  1. Shipping the entire container to your door does not include tax.
  2. Shipping bulk cargo to your door does not include tax.
  3. express delivery
  4. ....

If you choose door-to-door service including tax, this means that from China to Malaysia For the transportation of goods, you hand over the goods to Hongmingda Logistics, and you don’t have to worry about anything else. You can just sit back and wait for the receipt of the goods. Hongmingda Logistics will handle the transportation process Pick-up, transportation, customs clearance, delivery and other links, providing one-stop service. China to Malaysia Logistics, tens of millions don't want choose Hongmingda Logistics , Because their service is so good that you don't even feel that the goods are sent from across the country.


from China to Malaysia Highlights of the dedicated line:

  1. Receipt starts from one kilogram, and the entire process is shipped by air5-7sky

2.as low as0.3cbmStarting from, sea freight general cargo is as low as380RMB/CBM

3.enjoy formalityVShipping serviceVIntimate and perfect after-sales service

4.Undertake all kinds of clothing, shoes, daily necessities, Furniture, lamps, electrical appliances, machinery, Taobao bulk goods (help with packaging) wait


Advantages of Hongmingda Logistics:

  1. take charge of13The vice president of the National Freight Forwarders Association has strong foreign trade logistics coordination capabilities, which few colleagues can achieve.
  2. There are invisible links behind Hongmingda Logistics.20We have been a stable supplier for many years, so old customers never leave.
  3. Huawei,Costco, SF Express, etc. are nearby20Industry giants and more than 100 companies have been using Hongmingda for foreign trade logistics.


(Ten thousand words are omitted here. Due to the many advantages and limited space, let’s keep it low-key and list three items first. You are welcome to check the previous content.)


If you have goods that need to be transported from China to Malaysia, come and try a small order. You will not go bankrupt and I will not get rich.Sunny Worldwdie Logistics Exceed26A year-old enterprise that enjoys a high reputation in the logistics industry will not wander around the world and hide its reputation because of your order.