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Analysis of the UAE Customs AEO System

sofreight.com sofreight.com 2024-02-21 10:27:39

Sunny Worldwide Logistics is a logistics company with more than 20 years of transport experience, specializing in Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Southeast Asia and other markets, more than the owner of cargo ~

The applicant's business information records should be complete and measures should be taken to prevent information leakage.


After successfully completing the certification and risk assessment, applicants who have passed the certification will be notified of the certification results, and applicants who have not passed the certification will be notified of improvement measures.




Submit application materials



Site safety and personnel safety standards


UAEO application process


Features of UAEO system


Hongmingda Logistics


UAEO certification period is longer



The business premises of UAEO enterprises should have the ability to prevent illegal entry. According to regulations, relevant enterprises should adopt appropriate access control measures to prevent unauthorized goods and personnel from entering shipping areas, loading docks and cargo areas.



UAEO application subject scope


financial capability


Customs notifies preliminary review results


The applicant's cargo transportation management standards should be consistent with the type and scale of its business, and an internal control mechanism to review illegal transactions should be established.



Specifies the pre-audit link in the certification process



Compliance with laws and regulations



It is a logistics company with more than 20 years of transportation experience, specializing in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Southeast Asia and other markets, and is more of a cargo owner than a cargo owner~




Enterprise improvement measures



Accept credit information collected by third-party agencies (non-governmental agencies)



Applicants are required to develop measures related to agricultural trade policy licensing and authorization.


Customs certification


Customs certification stage



Provides business improvement measures



Inform the company based on the preliminary review situation


Information system


Applicant companies must submit applications and required documents to customs using designated forms. This form is provided by the UAE Customs, and enterprises can fill it in according to regulations and submit it to the customs.


After receiving the enterprise's application, the UAE Customs will review it in accordance with legal procedures. The criteria based on it are whether the applicant enterprise meets UAEO standards and whether all conditions meet legal requirements.


Grant qualifications


Applicants should establish a compliance risk prevention and control mechanism to ensure that customs is notified promptly when compliance issues arise. Applicants should also establish appropriate IT security measures to protect relevant systems from illegal intrusions.



According to UAEO standards, the applicant’s person in charge or manager, as well as customs personnel, who have not seriously violated or repeatedly violated customs regulations in the past three years will be deemed to meet UAEO’s compliance standards.


Customs preliminary review


The UAEO standards are generally similar to the China Customs AEO standards and are roughly divided into information system standards, compliance standards, financial standards, site safety and personnel safety standards.