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What are the reasons for delays in customs clearance of goods?

sofreight.com sofreight.com 2024-02-20 11:01:10

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Customs clearance refers to a formal process in which goods are imported, exported or transited within the customs territory of a certain country and must comply with various laws and regulations. Another term is also called customs clearance. During the customs clearance period, goods are under the supervision of the customs and cannot be arbitrarily circulating. If there is an effect, there must be a reason. Since there will be delays in customs clearance, there must be a reason. So, what are the reasons?


1 Reasons for the goods themselves


(1) The goods are prohibited from entry:Countries around the world have their own prohibited goods, such as drugs, firearms, ammunition, weapons, etc., which everyone is familiar with. These are prohibited from entry by countries around the world. Animals, plants, meat, and books are prohibited from entering almost every country; the United States prohibits the entry of Chinese herbal medicines; the United Kingdom prohibits the entry of dairy and meat products; Singapore prohibits the entry of electronic cigarettes; goods prohibited from entry will be cleared by customs after arriving at the customs of the destination country. Seize or return directly,


(2) The goods are brand-name or infringing products:Protected by intellectual property rights, when you sell products, you must have brand authorization. When these products enter the country, the customs will require a brand authorization letter. If not, customs clearance will be delayed, the customs will seize the goods, and even directly order them to be returned.


(3) The goods are powder, liquid, charged and other sensitive goods:It must be clear that sensitive goods such as powders, liquids, charged magnets, and solids are more likely to be inspected by customs than ordinary goods, and the customs clearance time is longer than ordinary goods. These products are generally delayed during customs clearance. It is recommended that sellers Before sending these products, be sure to ask whether the recipient has the ability to clear customs.


2. Agent or cargo owner’s own reasons


(1) The complete information of the goods is not filled in standard and complete:The agent or the owner of the goods themselves fills in the information and documents incompletely, such as the product quantity is incorrect, the product name is written randomly (for example, the product itself is shoes, and the declared product name is clothes), the declared value does not match the actual value of the goods (many sellers have this problem) Through this approach, in order to allow the recipient to pay less or avoid paying tax, the declared value of the goods is reported lower. However, if it is too low, it will attract the attention of the customs and lead to delays in customs clearance). If the commercial invoice is incomplete, the sender needs to provide a new and complete commercial invoice.


(2) Logistics and transportation methods:In order to save shipping costs and earn the difference in shipping costs for the recipient, sellers choose logistics and transportation channels with cheaper prices and longer transportation times. The cheaper the price, the longer the transportation time, the slower the customs processing speed, and the easier it is for the goods to be lost..


3 Customs reasons


(1) Customs routine inspection:Customs conducts routine inspections of goods. If your goods are randomly inspected, you can only wait and do not require any assistance from the recipient. Routine inspections usually take 1-3 working days to complete. If the customs believes that there is no problem with the goods, It will be released.


(2) Taxation:The customs believes that the declared value of your goods is inconsistent with the actual value, and the recipient needs to go through customs clearance. If your declared value is consistent with the value of the goods, but the customs thinks it is different, in this case, you can go to customs with a certificate of value of the goods. If the declared value of your goods is indeed inconsistent with the actual value, under-declared or over-declared, and is found by customs, the recipient will need to pay customs duties.


(3) Black customs:The customs in some countries and regions are relatively clandestine. In order to make money, even if there is no problem with your goods, they will tax you and refuse to clear customs for you until you pay the tax.


4 Recipient reasons


(1) Unwilling to pay taxes:The goods need to pay taxes. The taxes are too high or the taxes exceed the value of the goods themselves. The recipient is unwilling to pay the high taxes and does not go through customs clearance. The goods are stored at the customs office until the customs clearance deadline is up. Auction or return.


(2) The recipient does not have relevant documents:For example, if the recipient does not have an import license, the recipient cannot provide the required customs clearance documents, resulting in delays in customs clearance of the goods.


(3) Liar buyer:Some foreign buyers who are scammers, in order to get goods for free, deliberately do not clear customs and do not pay taxes. They just leave the goods lying around and then deal with the tax issues with the sellers. Or they don't sign for the goods because they know that the return shipping fee is very expensive and the sender is unwilling to return the goods. The recipient tells the sender to return the goods, which gives him a reason to request to get the goods for free. Or buy multiple products at one time and choose the logistics transportation of the small package series. We all know that small package transportation is slow, and logistics information updates are slow or even no information. Even if the buyer receives the goods, the scammer can tell the sender that he has not received the goods. ,ask for refund.


5 other reasons


(1)Environment: For example, customs strikes, port workers’ strikes, airport workers’ strikes, logistics staff strikes; or the occurrence of natural disasters or wars.


(2)Policy:The customs clearance speed of some countries is relatively slow, the customs clearance efficiency is slow, and the customs clearance procedures are cumbersome and complicated, such as Brazil. Or corresponding national policies require customs clearance and how it must be cleared.