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Common towing costs in the United States

sofreight.com sofreight.com 2024-04-16 12:03:49

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The amount of all charges below is for reference only, the market is changing too fast, and the price of each trailer company is different, and there is no uniform fee standard.

01, basic freight

Base Rate

Tow fee, does not include the frame fee (here to add a common sense: the trailer head and frame in the United States are separate, and the domestic is not the same).

02. Fuel surcharge

Fuel Surcharge

Like airlines and shipping companies, tow truck companies generally feel that the price of international crude oil is rising rapidly, in order to make up for the rapidly rising costs of a fee.

03, frame fee

Chassis Fee

It is generally charged for at least three days, usually about $50 a day.

04. Withholding fee

Prepull Fee

The cost of putting the cabinet out of the dock or railway yard in advance (usually at night) is charged by the cabinet, and the charge is generally in the range of $150-$300, usually under the following two circumstances:

1. The warehouse requires delivery to the warehouse in the morning, and the trailer company cannot guarantee that the container can be picked up in time on the morning, usually it will pick up the container from the dock one day in advance, put it in its own yard, and deliver the goods directly from its own yard on the morning.

2. The cabinets are picked up on the day of the LFD and placed in the tow company's yard to avoid demurrage, as the demurrage fee is usually higher than the withholding fee + tow company's yard fee.

05, storage fees

Yard Storage Fee

It is different from the storage fee charged by the dock, which is due to the use of the trailer company's yard, and is charged per container per day, usually in the range of $50-$100, usually under the following two circumstances:

1. The corresponding cabinet withholding situation, has not been sent to the customer's warehouse, then the cabinet must have a place to put, put there will be a fee.

2. After the empty container was picked up from the customer's warehouse, I couldn't return it to the dock because I didn't have the appointment to return it. I had to find a place to put it.

06, off-site delivery frame fee

Chassis Split Fee

Generally speaking, the frame and the cabinet are placed in the same dock, and the driver first picks up the frame and then picks up the cabinet or returns the cabinet and then returns the frame, but there are also special circumstances, such as the following two:

1. There is no frame at the dock, so the driver has to go to the yard outside the dock to pick up the frame first, and then go to the dock to pick up the container.

2. When the driver returned the empty container, he could not return it to the dock for various reasons, so he returned it to the storage yard outside the dock according to the instructions of the shipping company. In these two cases, Split Fee will be generated, and the fee is generally $100-$250/Split. What do you mean? If you go to different places when picking up and returning the container, two splits are counted and two charges are charged.

07. Port waiting fee

Port Waiting Time

The fee charged by the driver while waiting in the port is easy to generate this fee when the port is seriously congested, which is generally free within 1-2 hours, and is charged by $85-$150/ hour after exceeding.

08, warehouse waiting costs

Warehouse Waiting Time

Drivers are charged for waiting for unloading at customer's warehouse. Usually, this charge is generated during live unload, which is generally free within 1-2 hours and charged at $85-$150/ hour after exceeding.

09. Drop/Pick Fee

First explain the two methods of unloading trailer warehouses in the United States:

1.Live unload: After delivery to the warehouse, the driver and the customer unload the truck, the locomotive and frame will be driven away at one time, which is easy to cause Waiting fee.

2.Drop: After delivery to the warehouse, the driver will not wait for unloading, but will drive away first. After the customer finishes unloading, he needs to load the frame, which may result in Drop/Pick Fee.

See? To put it simply, because the driver has to make two trips, one to deliver goods, and one to specially drive a car to pick up empty containers in the warehouse, he has to charge two tow fees, and the Drop/pick charge is equivalent to another tow fee. Sometimes we hear free drop. What does that mean? This means that when the tow truck company does the drop, it does not charge the Drop/Pick Fee, usually because the tow truck company often returns to this address and takes your empty cabinet away. This kind of tow truck company is worth your treasure.

10. Port clearance fee

Pier Pass Fee

In order to ease the traffic pressure, the city of LOS ANGELES charges a fee for collecting trucks to pick up containers from the ports of LOS ANGELES and LONG BEACH. The fee standard is USD50/20 feet &USD100/40 feet.

11, three axle frame fee

Tri-axle Fee

As the name suggests, a three-axle truck is a trailer with three axles. For example, heavy dump trucks or tractors are usually equipped with a third set of wheels or drive shafts to carry heavy goods, if the shipper's goods are heavy goods such as granite, tile, etc., the shipper generally requires the use of three-axle vehicles.

In addition, sometimes in order to ensure that the weight of the cargo meets the legal requirements, the tow truck company must use a three-axle frame, in these cases, the tow truck company must charge the shipper this additional cost.

12, peak season surcharge

Peak Season Surcharge

As the name suggests, the fee charged when the trailer resources are tight in the peak season, and the Spring Festival price increase is a truth, generally $150-$250.

13. Crossing (bridge) fee

Toll Fee

In fact, the crossing (bridge) fee may not be accurate, and some piers may have to take some special roads because of their location, and then the trailer company will charge this fee. NewYork, Boston, Norfolk, and Savanna are common.

14, residential delivery fees

Residential Delivery Fee

If the address of the unloading is in a residential area, this fee is generally charged, mainly because the density of residential buildings in the United States and the complexity of the road are much higher than that of the warehouse area, and the driver's driving cost is higher. Tickets are usually charged at $200-$300.

15. Layover

There is no proper Chinese name for this fee, but it can also be understood as overtime fee, because the United States has restrictions on the working hours of truck drivers, which cannot exceed 11 hours a day.

If the delivery place is far away, or the warehouse is delayed for a long time, and the driver works more than 11 hours, the fee will be generated, which is generally charged by $300-$500.

16. Stay fee

Stop Off

In the case of the way, A cabinet to send two warehouse addresses, for example, first to A warehouse, unload part of the goods, and then to B warehouse to unload the rest of the goods, then the general trailer company will charge this fee.

17, empty running fee

Dry Run

The driver did not mention the cabinet after the port, can not run a trip in vain, but also charge, usually under two circumstances:

1. Port congestion, especially during peak season, ports are so crowded that drivers cannot pick up goods in the first place.

2. The goods have not been released, the driver arrives to pick up the goods but the goods are not ready.

18. Urgent order fee

Rush Order

According to the literal understanding, the urgent transportation needs, the trailer company needs to pay additional costs in order to temporarily dispatch coordination, and will eventually fall on the customer, generally about $200 per ticket.

19. Customs inspection fee

Exam Handling Fee

The cost of customs inspection is generally paid by the tow truck company in advance, and the customer is found to account for it after the completion of the business.

In addition to the above listed fees, there are some other uncommon fees such as Haz Cargo Extra Fee, Reefer Surcharge, Clean Truck Fee, Overweight Surcharge, etc., these fees can be interpreted directly according to the literal meaning.