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EU Food Official Regulatory Requirements

sofreight.com sofreight.com 2023-03-23 10:19:08

◎Regulatory plan refers to the plan formulated by the competent authority for the regulatory field and implemented within a certain period of time, including the organization, operation and specific official regulatory measures of the official regulatory system.




Special requirements for official regulation are mainly special requirements for official regulation and measures to be taken in the production of food of animal origin intended for human consumption.


For the export of animals and goods for which the EU needs to issue an export certificate, IMSOC should enable the competent authority of the place of dispatch and the competent authority responsible for implementing official control to exchange data, information and documents related to animals, goods and their official control in real time.




In the case of issuing false or misleading official certificates or abusing official certificates, the competent authority should suspend the certificate issuance qualifications of the visa personnel; revoke the official certificates that have been issued; and take measures to prevent the recurrence of violations.






If it is determined that the regulations do not meet the requirements, the competent department shall determine the cause of the failure and the severity of the problem, determine the responsibility of the operator; ensure that the relevant operator takes corrective measures and prevent the problem from recurring.




Responsibilities of competent authorities




Basic requirements for official supervisors


official regulatory requirements








general principles


◎Regulatory system refers to the system established by member states to ensure the implementation of official supervision in accordance with legal requirements, including competent departments, resources, organizational structures, configurations and procedures.


According to the principle of transparency, the competent department shall announce the official supervision situation at least once a year, including the type of official supervision, the quantity and results of supervision, and the disqualification and treatment status, etc.


◎Competent authority refers to the central authority of a member state responsible for organizing the implementation of official management and other official actions, as well as any other authority entrusted with this responsibility; where appropriate, the corresponding authority of a third country.




◎ Authorized institutions refer to independent legal persons authorized by the competent authority to implement official supervision or other official actions.


The competent authority should keep a record of each official supervision exercised, using either paper or electronic records. The content of the records shall include the purpose, method, and result of official supervision, and the measures that the competent authority requires operators to take based on the results of official supervision.




◎Regulatory verification procedures refer to the arrangements and actions taken by competent authorities to ensure the consistency and effectiveness of official regulation and other official actions.


Actions taken in case of non-conformity






Official Regulatory Transparency


The competent department shall issue a written notice of the decision to take measures and the reasons for the decision to the relevant operators; explain the right of the enterprise to appeal against the decision, and inform the applicable procedure and time limit for appeal. All expenses incurred shall be borne by the responsible operator.


Official Regulatory Information Management System (IMSOC)


Official regulatory content and methods




◎Official veterinarians refer to veterinarians designated by the competent authority with appropriate qualifications to implement official supervision and other official actions in accordance with regulations.




The competent authority shall immediately notify the operator in writing of the non-conformities found in the official supervision, and provide the operator with a copy of the supervision record upon application.


Official Regulatory Special Requirements


to punish


Official Regulatory Records


Tips: related definitions


officially designated laboratory


Compulsory measures