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How to hold large equipment during shipping

Lian Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2023-05-29 16:37:38

 exist Shipping by sea  In the process, I am not afraid of anything, just be afraid hold For large equipment, during transportation, if the large equipment is not properly secured, the cost of fire caused by the collision will be more than a little.

JackIs the person in charge of a medical device purchaser in the United States. Last year12monthJackPurchased a batch of medical equipment from China, the goods are relatively heavy, in order to reduce transportation costs,Jackspecially selectedShipping by sea The way.Jackcooperative logisticsAcompany,because In terms of cargo packaging, just just It is packed in a simple wooden box without sufficient shockproof and protective measures. existShipping by sea During the process, due to the strong wind and waves at sea, the cargo was seriously collided and shaken on board .

When the goods arrive in the United States, Jack Discover Most of the instruments have been severely damaged , The difficulty of repairing the equipment was also beyond expectations, and the amount of damage exceeded one million US dollars .

JackAfter experiencing this incident, the profound Recognize the importance of goods packaging in international logistics , And decisively gave up the logisticsAThe company decided to chooseSunny Worldwide Logistics as a partner , And in2023Year3moon4number toSunny Worldwide Logistics Conduct face-to-face cooperation.

3moon4no. morning,Sunny Worldwide Logistics vice presidentSusanWaiting early at the Shenzhen warehouseJackA warm welcome ceremony was held. They also visited the environment, facilities, and warehouse operations of the warehouse, especially the packaging area of ​​the warehouse. and then cameSunny Worldwide Logistics office,Sunny Worldwide Logistics Owned in Shenzhen1800Square meters Grade A office building.

Based on past shipping experience, the conversation focuses on existShipping by sea During the process, the safe fixing of large equipment,Sunny Worldwide Logistics generally in the following ways :

1. Use wooden boxes or steel frames: For some relatively large and fragile instruments, wooden boxes or steel frames can be used for packaging and fixing to protect the instrumentsShipping by sea not damaged in the process.

2. Use sea pallets: For some relatively heavy and large equipment, sea pallets can be used for fixing to ensure that the equipment is in the Shipping by sea No sliding or tilting in process.

3. Use ropes or wire ropes: For some more complicated large instruments, ropes or wire ropes can be used to fix them to ensure that the instruments are Shipping by sea It will not move or tilt during the process.

4. Using shipping containers: For some common large equipment, shipping containers can be used for fixing to ensure that the equipment is in the Shipping by sea The process will not be subject to external shock and vibration.

5. No matter which method is used, it needs to be based on the characteristics of the device and Shipping by sea Carry out a specific safety fixation scheme design in order to ensure that the device is Shipping by sea Safe and undamaged in the process. At the same time, it is also necessary to Shipping by sea During the process, the equipment is tracked and monitored throughout the process, and timely detection and resolution Shipping by sea problems in the process.

2023 Year 3 moon 30 day,Jack The first batch of goods was sent from Yan tian Port, Shenzhen, on 2023 Year 4 moon 18 arrived in the United States,Jack Very satisfied with our service and gave a high evaluation.

The packaging of goods is very important in international logistics. If the packaging is improper, it will cause damage or loss of goods during transportation. in particular Shipping by sea In the case of uncertain factors such as wind and waves, directly affect customer trust and satisfaction.

Sunny Worldwide Logistics In terms of international logistics, there are more than20years of experience, With a complete logistics network, attention to details, and emphasis on customer experience, Anticipate various risks in advance, Can provide customers with comprehensive, high-quality internationality Logistics Services.

How to hold large equipment during shipping