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Let you know about the KYC review for opening a store on Amazon Europe

sofreight.com sofreight.com 2024-04-07 11:54:36

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KYC (Know Your Customer) is Amazon's qualification audit for sellers who set up shop in Europe, and only after passing the qualification audit can they sell in Europe for a long time.

According to the actual situation of different sellers, the situation of triggering KYC audit is not all the same, generally divided into two kinds: first, when you register and enter the seller platform, KYC audit may be triggered immediately; Second, from registration to online normal sales, the audit will be triggered before reaching a certain sales threshold.

What might trigger a KYC audit?

1. Under normal circumstances, when the cumulative sales amount of the seller in the European station reaches 5,000 euros and above, it will trigger the seller's audit, and it is recommended that the seller try to complete the audit when the cumulative sales amount reaches 15,000 Euros to avoid being blocked.

Although it is said that the cumulative sales from 5000 euros to 15000 euros during the period of the seller can be audited, but during the audit data may be omitted, so it is recommended that the seller of the European station in the registration of the account, start to prepare the relevant KYC audit information;

2. When changing credit cards;

3. Modify background information such as identity information and contact information;

4. When modifying the collection account;

5, modify the company address (such as registered address, etc.). Some sellers have done KYC audit when registering for the European site, but because their business license is included in the abnormal list, they need to change their address. After changing their address, a secondary audit will be triggered and they will receive the KYC audit email from Amazon.

6. Even if nothing is done and no information is changed, Amazon will have periodic KYC audits. This kind of audit will become the norm as Amazon regularizes its operations.

Amazon's KYC audit is normally 3-5 days, but there are also sellers who are audited for half a month, a month or even longer, depending on whether your information can be passed. It is recommended to prepare the data required for the audit before carrying out the operation that may trigger the audit of Amazon KYC, and submit the data immediately once the audit is triggered. And as long as the company information is complete, KYC is easy to pass.


Can I trigger KYC audit in advance:

Triggering KYC audits in advance is allowed. For Amazon Europe, there are two ways to trigger a KYC review in advance:

1, background to open a case to find customer service;

2. Contact your investment manager.

If it is a background case to find customer service, it should be noted that some customer service will tell you that the KYC audit is automatically triggered by the system, and cannot be manually triggered.

If you contact the investment manager, it should be noted that the investment manager generally submits the KYC manual trigger once a week, and he has time and number limits.

As long as the seller's registration information on the Amazon account is true and complete, KYC will not have any impact on your store operation.

Before triggering the KYC audit, the seller needs to collect and prepare the materials in advance

Note: At present, only the content for Amazon's official account manager to check can be filled in Chinese, and all materials and information should be submitted in English on the official website.

All the information below is based on KYC review. The seller needs to collect the materials in accordance with the following requirements, and the Amazon official account manager will issue the registration link after the verification.

1. The name of the company used to register the European station (no bad record);

2. Names of all company beneficiaries (refers to individuals who hold 25% or more of your company's shares);

3, the store's primary contact name (if the primary contact is not a corporate legal person or beneficiary need to provide a letter of authorization, template at the end.) ;

4, the store's primary contact number (please be sure to provide an accessible phone number so that Amazon's official account manager can contact you in time);

5, the store's primary contact QQ;

6, registered Amazon US station registered email (if other sites please note);

7, used to register Amazon Europe station mailbox (has not registered any Amazon site);

8. Product Category;

9. Total number of SKUs planned to be sold;

10. Merchant type (dealer/factory/brand).


European station KYC audit preliminary review materials preparation

1, the company's business license (currently only accept the company/industrial and commercial individual registration)

2. Identity documents of all beneficiaries and primary contacts of the company

One of two options: scanned copy of passport, front and back of ID card + account ID page

3. Proof of personal expense bill of the primary contact and beneficiary (please be sure to send it to Amazon's official account manager for confirmation) :

Any daily bill within the last 90 days, including water, electricity, gas, Internet, TV, telephone, cell phone and other bills or credit card statements;

It must be issued by a formal institution (public utilities, banks, etc.) (preferably with the institution's letterhead and Logo); The bill should have the name and home address (not the business address).

4. Payment account

Credit card issued by any domestic bank is acceptable, it is recommended to be a Visa card, used to pay the platform fee of 25 pounds/month, and the subsequent advertising business payment (if any), the credit card holder is not a legal person, but must not have a bad record.

KYC audit materials preparation for second instance

1. Scanned copy of the company's business license

2, the company's primary contact and beneficiary's identity documents, passport scanning copy or ID card plus the front and back of this page, two choices.

3. Personal expense bill of primary contact and beneficiary:

Any daily bill within the last 90 days, including water, electricity, gas, Internet, TV, telephone, cell phone and other bills or credit card statements; It must be issued by formal institutions (public utilities, banks, etc.);

Name and full home address on the bill; If the bill is in the name of the spouse, the marriage certificate must also be submitted; If the bill is in the name of the landlord (which needs to be a company landlord), there needs to be a formal rental contract to prove the relationship.

Online screenshots of bills are also accepted, provided there is a full web link.

4. Collection account

Need to account in the name of the company proof, the European station registration after the success of the application.

5. Overseas bank accounts

Accounts registered in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and the United States can be used. If not, you can apply for the public account of a third-party financial institution (payoneer or Ping Pong, etc.) as a solution, and provide the public account certificate provided by the third-party payment platform.

Note: The collection information is required for public accounts, which should be consistent with the company name filled in the background when registering the European station. The account opening information issued by the bank can be used for public accounts. If you use a third-party payment platform (such as P card), please provide the public account opening certificate provided by the third-party payment platform.

6. Authorization letter

If the primary contact is not a corporate entity or beneficiary, Amazon will require the seller to provide a letter of authorization from the corporate entity authorizing the primary contact to actually operate the account.

7. Company daily expenses bill

For sellers registered with Hong Kong and Taiwan companies (mainland companies are not required to provide one), Amazon requires the seller to provide a bill of the company's daily expenses.

The requirements are: any daily bills within 90 days, including water, electricity, gas, Internet, telephone social security, bank statements, etc.

It must be issued by formal institutions (public utilities, banks, etc.);

The bill should have the company name and full address, and the company name and address should be the same as the business license/business registration certificate.

Please note that in the KYC audit process, please be sure to truthfully fill in the company and personal information, and upload the real materials, any attempt to avoid and bypass Amazon audit and improperly fill in the information or falsify, tamper with materials and documents will eventually fail to pass the audit.

In addition, in order to complete the KYC review, someone from the Amazon Seller Support team will contact you to provide guidance on the information and materials you need to provide, and answer your questions.