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Why customers choose Sunny Worldwide Logistics the first time

Alice Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2024-04-03 18:15:50

When I returned to the office yesterday, I saw the new colleagues from Hongmingda LogisticsRITAI was crying, so I went over to ask her why. She said that her newly developed customer had goods that needed to be airlifted from Shenzhen to the United States. She really wanted to serve the customer well, but now the customer was complaining to her and she didn't know what to do? The reason for the matter is this, the customer sent3The batch of goods arrives at our warehouse, respectively:500box,300box,200boxes, the customer requires that the outer box and inner box of each batch be opened separately.50The box measurements were given to her, and she asked the customer why she had to open so many boxes and the dimensions. The customer said why she asked so many questions? Just measure it.


thenRITAWent to the warehouse manager, the warehouse manager checked3Consignment, discovery3If the batches of goods are exactly the same regardless of product name or size, it is recommended that each batch of goods be opened3Just one box is enough, plus now is the peak period for shipments, so there isn’t that much time.RITAI can’t explain why so many boxes of the same goods and products of the same size need to be opened. So I agreed. waitRITAWhen I sent the relevant measurement pictures and dimensions to the customer, the customer became furious.RITAI feel very wronged. She went to the warehouse manager again, but the warehouse manager also refused to take any more measurements. She felt even more aggrieved.


After I listened to her statement, I immediately called the customer. First of all, I apologized for our poor work and reconfirmed the reason why so many boxes were measured. The customer explained that it was the first time that these goods were on AMAZON.AMAZONShe was worried about the risks of putting it on the shelves, so she wanted to reduce the risks. So I specifically chose points3After batches are put into the warehouse, each batch of goods must be randomly inspected.50boxes, and the outer box and inner box of each box must be measured. The customer asked us again why3Are all batches of goods measured the same size? I said the goods were all the same, and she asked why there were no decimal points in your measurements. I said that we generally set the measurement box programmers to2mantissa. She said we had to measure again by hand. So I arranged for the warehouse to do manual measurements and take photos for her, and the measurement result was still an integer. The customer is very satisfied.


Our business the next dayRITAWhen she contacted the customer again, she told her very gently that it would be okay and that she would continue to cooperate with her in the future.


To sum up, only by understanding the reasons for things can we do things better, otherwise poor communication will lead to a series of problems and unhappiness.


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