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Which countries need to make a security declaration?

Which countries need to make a security declaration?

Sunny Worldwide Logistics Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2023-04-12 15:51:45


About security declaration:

In addition to the common AmericanAMSand the UK, EUENS, CanadianEMFIn addition, Japan needs to declareAFR.


That is, all arriving or passing through the above countries must make corresponding declarations

Attention!2018Starting this year, South Africa will alsoAMSdeclare.

Ask: AMSHow long ago do I need to declare?

AMSakatwenty fourHourly manifest forecast, as the name suggests, is to advancetwenty fourManifests are sent every hour. In actual operation, orders are generally cut off early(Generally in advance36-48Cut off order in about an hour).

Ask: Why does South Africa have to chargeAMS ?

fromStarting from June 1, 2018, South Africa has also begun to fully implement AMS declaration. The main content of the implementation includes that the shipping notice must be sent to the customs via electronic data twenty four hours before the shipment (departure/entry/transit South African port ship) in a complete and correct format.

Ask: South AfricaAMSWhat does the data include?

1. Carrier Master BL No (bill of lading number information)

2. Carrier Name (carrier information)

3.Vessel / Voyage (ship name and voyage information)

4.Container Details/Seal Numbers (box seal number)

5.Cargo Deions/ HS CODE (Cargo Description and HS CODE)

6.Size/ Type/No. & PKG Type/Weight/CBM/ Marks & Numbers (cargo body information and marks)

7.Shipper/Consignee/Notify Party (consignor, consignee, notifier)

8. Port of Loading/Port of Discharge/Final Destination (port of departure, port of destination, final destination)