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A great piece of good news for the logistics and freight forwarding industry, Hongmingda Logistics Company has another new product

sunny sunnyworldwidelogistics 2023-11-30 10:50:35

Shenzhen Sunny Worldwide Logistics Co., Ltd.Launch of tax-included door-to-door line in Malaysia: after cabinet installationDelivery to door within 15-20 days, sensitive goods can be received, and goods will be received simultaneously in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.



1. 1: 500kg, whichever is larger will be charged. If a single piece exceeds 68kg or the length, width and height exceed 120CM*80CM*80CM, a pallet tic-tac-toe straps are required.


2. Our company rejects goods in this category: toy guns/cigarettes/alcohol/CDs/imitation brands/liquids/powders/food/fresh/medicine/flammable and explosive/corrosives/CDs/arms and weapons and other restricted items , concealing the report of carrying illegal and illegal goods, our company will be fined RMB5000/BL, and other associated losses will be traced, and the police will be handed over to the agency for processing.


3. The default is not to deliver goods upstairs. Large quantities of goods need to be arranged by the consignee to unload the goods. The driver needs to bring his own forklift to unload the goods. Foreign customers are required to negotiate and communicate with the driver in advance and pay the corresponding fees. If the recipient refuses to accept or other customer reasons If the delivery is unsuccessful, the default will be changed to the shipper to pay the fee, and no reason can be found to refuse payment.


4. Please purchase your own insurance if the goods are of high value. If the goods are damaged or lost, our company will provide information to help customers apply for claims.


Double clearing operation process:

1. Letter of authorization

The client submits a power of attorney to our company. The power of attorney includes the following contents: Consignor and consignee information, origin and destination port names, box type, product name, gross weight and volume, shipping date, etc.


2. Review documents

The document should include: Customs declaration power of attorney, customs declaration form, invoice, packing list, contract, declaration elements


3. Receive goods

Self-delivery by the client: Our company will send the warehousing notice to the client, indicating the contact person, phone number, delivery address, map and final warehousing time, etc. so that the goods can be put into the warehouse in a timely and accurate manner. Door-to-door pickup: The client needs to provide our company with specific pickup address contact person, phone number, pickup time and other relevant information to ensure that the fleet can pick up the goods on time.


4. Cost settlement

The client and our company will settle the relevant transportation expenses before loading the container.