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Down 12.6%! U.S. container imports drop sharply in August; Maersk opens new warehouse in Cameroon

Lian sofreight.com 2023-09-26 10:28:01



U.S. container imports fell 12.6%


According to Descartes Datamyne, U.S. container imports reached 21.9 million TEU (based on the number of ports of origin) in August, down 12.6% year-on-year but up 0.8% from July.


At the same time, exports from Asia's 10 major economies were 1.55 million TEUs, a decrease of 13.1% compared with the same period last year. This is the 13th consecutive month of year-over-year declines in this number. However, exports from 10 major Asian economies increased by 1.7% from the previous month.


From January to August this year, the total volume of outbound containers from Asia to the United States was 11.25 million TEUs, a sharp decrease of 19.6% compared with the same period in 2022, but a slight increase compared with the same period before the epidemic in 2019.


Looking at the containers from Asia to the United States in August, mainland China accounted for 918,026 TEUs, a year-on-year shrinkage of 14.4%, and has maintained a downward trend for 12 consecutive months.


South Korea was 155,057 teu, a decrease of 14.9%; Vietnam was 148,220 teu, a decrease of 10.3%; Taiwan, China was 76,887 teu, a decrease of 15.4%; Singapore was 70,369 teu, a decrease of 1.1%. In contrast, containers from Japan surged 11.6% to 32,664 TEU.




Maersk opens new warehouse in Cameroon



Maersk has announced the opening of a new technology-driven warehousing and distribution facility in Douala, Cameroon. Maersk's new factory is located in the Douala port area, which is the gateway to several markets in Central Africa.


The new factory in Douala will cover an area of ​​more than 16,000 square meters, including 12,000 square meters of covered space, providing more than 8,000 pallet positions. The facility will provide dry cargo warehousing and distribution services with a focus on dismantling and fulfillment. As a bonded facility, it will also provide cargo storage services during the customs clearance process. Maersk said it will also arrange value-added services such as palletizing, packaging and kitting at the facility.


The Danish transport giant stressed that it has a clear ambition to achieve net zero emissions by 2040 and that every new investment is deeply considered in terms of decarbonizing logistics.




Minister of Transport meets with MSC chief CEO


Source: China Transportation News Network, intrusion and deletion


On September 19, Minister of Transport Li Xiaopeng met in Beijing with Søren Toft, Global CEO of Mediterranean Shipping Company, who was invited to China to participate in the Global Sustainable Transport Summit Forum (2023). The two parties exchanged views on issues of common concern.Li Tianbi, chief engineer of the ministry and director of the Water Transport Bureau, attended the meeting.


Soren Toft is looking forward to the upcoming Global Sustainable Transportation Summit (2023) and will actively participate in forum-related activities. He said that Mediterranean Shipping Company attaches great importance to the sustainable development of shipping and has taken active measures to promote the reduction of greenhouse gas and atmospheric pollutant emissions from ships.


Mediterranean Shipping Company is willing to further deepen cooperation in the field of sustainable transportation with Chinese ports and shipping companies, strengthen communication and exchanges, expand cooperation space, and inject more vitality into the development of sustainable transportation.




my country resumes international cruise transportation



On September 19, the General Office of the Ministry of Transport issued the "Notice on Comprehensive Resumption of International Cruise Transport" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), stating that on the basis of the pilot resumption of international cruise transport at Shanghai and Shenzhen cruise ports, a comprehensive Resume international cruise transportation to and from cruise ports in my country.


At the end of March this year, the General Office of the Ministry of Transport issued the "Orderly Pilot Resumption Plan for International Cruise Transport", which stipulates that in accordance with the requirements of "carrying out pilots first and then gradually liberalizing", it is clear that the two waterway ports of Shanghai and Shenzhen cruise ports will be promoted in an orderly manner. International cruise ship transportation pilot resumes. Since the pilot resumption of sailings, the cruise industry has shown an overall recovery trend.