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How many days will the ship be stuck at the North American terminal? Herberot official data disclosure

How many days will the ship be stuck at the North American terminal? Herberot official data disclosure

Alvin HKSG-GROUP 2021-01-30 11:43:48

Recently, on its official website, Hapelot announced the congestion situation at North American ports, and so far, the situation is still not good.





Vessels/Terminal Congestion in LAX/LGB Terminal:


As of Friday, January 22nd, there are currently 30 ships docked at LAX/LGB.Due to the surge in imports, all terminals continue to be congested and the situation is expected to continue until the end of February 2021.


In addition, docks work with a limited workforce and are shift-based (associated with 2019 coronavirus disease).The labor shortage has affected the turnaround time of all terminal truck drivers, transit times between terminals, and the number of trucks available for terminal transactions each day, and has caused delays in ship operations.Hapelot is currently locked out of some terminals due to crowded terminals that may change ship terminal allocations due to lack of space.


Congestion at USNYC Wharf in East America:


Minor garage congestion continued to affect operations in the ports, mainly due to non-scheduled arrival of vessels, while increased imports and a large accumulation of empty containers continued to affect operations at all terminals.


The operation of truck drivers is now stable and the number of newly infected workers at the port has been reported to be increasing, but it has not caused any Labour shortages at this time.


Congestion in Savannah Port:


Eleven ships are currently grounded because of fog, and more ships are expected to continue arriving at the port, causing congestion.


Congestion at Canadian ports:


Heavy congestion continues at all terminals in the Port of Vancouver and Prince Rupert (PRR) due to surging imports, and weekend labor shortages and high winds continue to affect shipyard and ship productivity.Berth delays at Vancouver and PRR are severe, with ships requiring several days of delays before normal loading and unloading operations can begin.


Current average time spent in Canadian ports:


Port of Halifax -- 3.2 days

Port of Montreal -- 2.7 days

Port of Vancouver - 2.1 days

Port Prince Rupert -- 8.3 days


The railway


The current average stay time of a Heberot container at a rail port/port, which includes MH, rail and truck shipments.


8. New York, NY -- 8.5 days on average

New York, MMR (Elizabeth Maritime Terminal Rail) -- 4.4 days average

6. Long Beach, California -- 6.9 days on average

3. Los Angeles, California -- 14.1 days on average

8. Charleston, South Carolina -- 3.7 days on average

5. Savannah, Georgia -- 4.2 days on average

3. Norfolk, Va. -- 3.5 days on average

4. Kansas City, Missouri -- 3.8 days on average

8. Chicago, Illinois -- Average 5.5 days

3. Memphis, Tennessee -- 3.1 days on average

6. Detroit, Michigan -- 5.6 days on average