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The Pacific is not peaceful! At least 40 containers fell into the sea in another accident on a US line ship!

The Pacific is not peaceful! At least 40 containers fell into the sea in another accident on a US line ship!

MIKEY Organized by the Sohang APP 2021-02-02 19:18:01

The recent trans-Pacific voyage has not been uneventful, and ships have dropped off one after another, making the previously lacking cabinets even worse.

According to reports, on January 26, a MSC-owned container ship named "MSC ARIES" with a capacity of 15,000 TEU went from Los Angeles to Ningbo, China. When passing through the North Pacific waters, at least 40 containers fell into the sea and were lost!

Recent voyage
According to foreign media reports, on February 1st, the "MSC ARIES" ship confirmed that there was a loss of containers. It is said that there were more than 40 or even more. After the container was lost, the ship reduced its sailing speed and was still sailing as of February 1. It is expected to arrive in Ningbo on February 2. The original scheduled arrival time at Ningbo Port is January 30.

According to the data of the large sailing schedule, the ship serves the Maersk TP3 route and will call the domestic ports of Ningbo and Shanghai. In addition to MSC, the shipping companies that share cabins include ALIANÇA, HAMBURG SÜD, MAERSK, MCC, SAFMARINE, SEAGO, and SM LINE.

The ship information and the co-cabin shipping company

The ship schedule
Recently, foreign trade freight forwarders who have cargo loaded on this ship have mainly paid attention, and paid attention to the information of the shipping company and ship dynamics in time to understand the delays and damages of the cargo.

With the increasing number of container over-water accidents, industry personnel pointed out that the side effects of the oversized container ships have finally emerged, and called for urgent review of container bundling practices and stack height restrictions. The current practice of strapping and securing containers on large container ships may no longer be applicable.

Clive Reed, the founder of Reed Marine Maritime Management Consulting, told Bloomberg that there are already extreme weather and turbulent waves in the North Pacific in winter. At the same time, large container ships are sailing at the fastest speed. If the cargo ship slows down, the problems caused by hull turbulence and bad weather can be overcome.

But Reed said: "The current freight rates are very high, and commercial pressures have forced ships to arrive on time in order to increase the number of voyages. The schedule is tight, and shipowners have very little space to dispatch."

Some professionals said that the reasons other than these may be related to the failure of the container lashing system on board. As ships become larger and containers pile up like high-rise buildings, the stability of ships may be subject to greater turbulence and sway pressure.


▍Frequent incidents of container falling into water recently:

On November 20, 2020, an 8540TEU container ship "SEROJA LIMA" under Maersk lost at least 27 containers and damaged at least 90 containers in the waters near the Azores in the North Atlantic.

On November 30, 2020, "ONE Apus" encountered bad weather on the way from Yantian Port to Long Beach Port, causing at least 1,816 containers to be damaged and falling into the water, with losses of up to 1.6 billion.

On December 2, 2020, about 200 containers of the "MUNICH MAERSK" container ship under Maersk crashed into the sea about 90 nautical miles north of Schiermonnikoog island in Northern Europe.

On January 2, 2021, Evergreen’s "EVER LIBERAL" container ship encountered huge waves and strong winds on its way from Busan to Los Angeles, causing 36 40-foot containers to fall into the water and 21 40-foot containers to collapse on board.

On January 16, 2021, Maersk’s "MAERSK ESSEN" encountered bad weather on the way from Xiamen to Los Angeles, causing about 750 containers to fall into the water, and some collapsed and damaged containers.