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ZIM announced: Adjust course to respond to the threat of war!

ZIM announced: Adjust course to respond to the threat of war!

ENMA www.weiyun001.com, China Shipping Weekly 2023-11-29 10:38:27

In view of the recent attacks on many Israeli-related ships in the Arabian Sea and the Red Sea, the Israeli liner company Zim Lines issued an announcement on November 27 that in order to ensure the safety of its crew, ships and cargo, it will change the operating procedures of some ships. route to avoid the Arabian Sea and Red Sea areas.

As a result of the above measures, ZIM expects that ship transit times will be extended, but it is making every effort to reduce the impact on shipping. At the same time, the company is also paying close attention to developments to respond to potential risks and ensure operational safety.

ZIM reiterated that it will continue to be committed to serving Eastern Mediterranean ports and Israeli ports, and ports in and out of these areas will implement stricter and safer operations.

Data shows that on the voyage from the east coast of the United States to Port Klang, Malaysia, at least one ZIM ship is sailing along the west coast of Africa. It is expected to bypass the Cape of Good Hope and head to Asia, instead of passing through the Suez Canal and the Red Sea. , Arabian Sea region.

After the Palestinian-Israeli conflict broke out in October this year, ZIM CEO Ei Glickman issued a statement saying that he supported Israel and would assist Israel in difficult situations by allocating necessary resources.

As the Palestinian-Israeli conflict continues to escalate, many Israeli ports have experienced congestion and transportation restrictions have been implemented. In view of the increase in insurance premiums and transportation costs, ZIM also imposed a war risk surcharge on Israeli imports and exports in October.

ZIM stated at the time that in view of the war situation, the insurance company had levied additional war risk premiums on all ships calling at Israeli ports. In order to ensure transportation services to and from Israel, ZIM was obliged to pay this insurance premium, so it charged a war risk surcharge. fee.