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Dongfeng Liuqi's vehicle lightweight technology won the "lightweight" award in the 1st China Commercial Vehicle Black Technology Competition in 2022

Dongfeng Liuqi's vehicle lightweight technology won the "lightweight" award in the 1st China Commercial Vehicle Black Technology Competition in 2022

Elena tech dog 2023-03-20 12:17:43

The awards of the black technology competition are high in gold

This is the first time in the field of commercial vehicles in China that innovative technology has been selected as the main body, and it has created a precedent for selection activities in the commercial vehicle industry. The expert review committee of this competition is composed of 17 experts, and Fu Yuwu, honorary chairman of the Society of Automotive Engineers of China, serves as the chairman of the review committee. The competition also received great attention and guidance from He Guangyuan, former minister of the Ministry of Machinery Industry.

The competition reflects openness, internationality and innovation in the selection process. The participating companies include domestic enterprises, joint ventures and cooperative enterprises in China and foreign-funded enterprises, covering traditional fuel technology, new energy technology, commercial vehicle ecological construction, covering complete vehicles and parts , software and other fields, involving commercial vehicle manufacturing process improvement, comprehensive or single performance improvement, control system and scene solutions, etc., showing the characteristics of high innovation, focusing on industry pain points and difficulties, some projects have been practically applied and achieved good results Expected results, there are still some projects that have not yet landed, but have high potential for transformation and development, fully demonstrating the cutting-edge direction and development trend of the current high-end technology in the field of commercial vehicles.

The expert judging committee of the competition selected 28 technological innovation awards based on various factors such as R&D and design concepts, technological advancement, technological product positioning, industry status and influence, and Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Vehicle Lightweight Technology was honored to win the Lightweight Technology Innovation Award.



Three lightweight black technologies of Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile

Lightweight and new energy, intelligence, and networking are called the four major development trends of today's heavy trucks. But compared with other "three modernizations", lightweight is even more difficult. Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong heavy truck has applied three major black technologies to meet the lightweight of the vehicle.

First, optimize the design. Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong Heavy Duty Truck has carried out structural optimization design for the protection of the front lower part, combined with the improvement of material performance, so as to realize the lightweight of parts. The thickness of the crossbar is optimized from 6mm to 2.3mm, and the weight is reduced by 47.4%, which is significantly lighter. The thrust rod of the suspension system adopts optimized design and friction welding process, and the weight is reduced by 20kg/car under the condition of constant strength.

Second, the new production process. Chenglong heavy truck uses advanced extrusion casting technology to make the casting structure dense, which is beneficial to prevent defects such as pores, shrinkage, and cracks; through topology analysis, combined with the optimization of the structure of the parts' force transmission path, a greater degree of weight reduction is achieved.

Third, the application of new materials. Chenglong Heavy Truck has mastered the core technology of lightweight car body, and applied high-strength steel to different important parts of the car body, such as front longitudinal beams, rear longitudinal beams, floor connecting beams, roof beams and other important parts, which is conducive to energy absorption during collisions and In addition, the weight of the car body can be realized to a greater extent, and the material thickness of each part of the car body can be optimized to achieve a rational matching of materials and structures.

On the Chenglong heavy truck, more than 35 items of lightweight technology have been applied, which can make the weight of the vehicle more than 200kg lighter than competing products, and increase the cargo capacity. Take the bulk distribution industry as an example. If the freight rate is 0.3 yuan per kilometer and per ton, and the annual operating mileage is 200,000 kilometers, it can make our cardholders earn 12,000 more each year.