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crazy! The shipping company issued a price increase notice for August!

Samira Samira 2024-07-05 09:18:44

Sunny Worldwide LogisticsIt is a logistics company with more than 20 years of transportation experience, specializing in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Southeast Asia and other markets. It is more of a cargo owner than a cargo owner~

According to relevant statistics, the number of maritime attacks launched by the Houthi armed forces against commercial ships last month hit the highest level in the year. In July, the Houthi armed forces once again launched multiple attacks on ports and cargo ships, and the Red Sea crisis still showed no signs of stopping. At the same time, many shipping companies issued notices of price increases in August.


Freight rates will increase by another 2,000 yuan in August


As soon as July entered, some well-known shipping companies began to announce that they would increase freight rates on August 1, with the increase for 40-foot containers reaching US,000.


According to Taiwanese media reports, many well-known shipping companies, including Yang Ming Shipping and ZIM, issued notices to customers on July 2, announcing that starting from August 1, container cargo shipped from the Far East to North America would be subject to increased shipping costs. Collect GRI (General Rate Surcharge).


Specifically, an additional US,800 will be charged for each 20-foot standard container (TEU), and an additional US,000 will be charged for each 40-foot high container (FEU). The increase reflects the shipping industry's optimism about the shipping market in the third quarter.
The news also showed that shipping giant Maersk said on July 1 that the next few months will be challenging for shipping companies and enterprises, as disruptions in container transportation through the Red Sea will continue until the third quarter of this year.


Previously, Yang Ming also released a bullish signal at its conference at the end of June. The third quarter has entered the traditional peak season in Europe and the United States, and the ships in the shipping industry are fully firing, supporting the increase in freight rates.

Industry insiders pointed out that Yang Ming also plans to adjust the peak season surcharge again for direct customers on July 15, which is expected to increase significantly from US0 per large box to US,800-2,000, in line with the strategy of leading shipping companies.


Yang Ming Shipping stated that the company has reported the price increase plan for European and American routes on July 15 and August 1, but emphasized that the actual increase will be flexibly adjusted based on market dynamics.


Analysts believe that since there are more overtime ships and new routes on the US-Western route, freight rates may loosen in the future.


The U.S. East Coast route faces continued upward pressure.As for whether the increase of US,000 per large box can be successfully achieved on August 1, it remains to wait for further verification.


Houthis attack multiple cargo ships again


According to CCTV News, on July 1, local time, Yahya Saraya, the military spokesman of the Yemeni Houthi armed forces, issued a statement stating that the Houthi armed forces carried out four attacks that day.


The attacks targeted the ship "MSC Unific" in the Arabian Sea, the American tanker "Delonix" in the Red Sea, the British ship "Anvil Point" in the Indian Ocean, and the ship "Lucky Sailor" in the Mediterranean.

On the evening of July 2, local time in Yemen, Yahya Saraya, spokesman for the Yemeni Houthi armed forces, said in a speech that the Houthi armed forces cooperated with the Iraqi militia "Islamic Resistance Organization" and took joint measures to attack important targets in Haifa, Israel. Military operations, using missiles to attack targets.


According to the Financial Associated Press, statistics show that Yemen’s Houthi armed forces launched the largest number of attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden in June so far in 2024. This clearly proves once again that threats to the global shipping market may be difficult to resolve quickly.


There were 16 confirmed attacks on ships in June, according to data released by the navy operating in the area. This is the highest number of attacks in a single month since 2024. The last time so many ships were attacked was in December last year.