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Down! The price of Mason Shipping has plunged across the board, falling to less than 20 yuan/kg

Down! The price of Mason Shipping has plunged across the board, falling to less than 20 yuan/kg

MIKEY sofreight.com 2021-09-30 18:21:14

Recently, the price of Mason Shipping has dropped sharply across the board. The price has dropped from 30 yuan/kg to less than 20 yuan/kg. The basic quotation is at 16 yuan/kg, 17 yuan/kg, and even freight forwarders’ quotations are as low as 13. Yuan/kg, 14 Yuan/kg.
A freight forwarder said that last week’s offer for Maison was limited to 25-27/kg, and today’s offer has become 18-20/kg.

The soaring ocean shipping prices are showing signs of price reduction. For the shipping market, which is in the traditional peak season, it seems to be somewhat contrary to reality. There are also different opinions on the reasons for the price reduction:
There is a saying that the reason for the price reduction is that Mason has come to a super-large ship with a lot of space, so it is sold at a low price, but it will not continue.
Another practitioner said that due to the power restriction policy, many factories have been unable to ship goods in time recently. In order to avoid empty containers, freight forwarders have cut prices and received a large number of goods.
There are also many analysts in the industry, which may be related to the recent power-cutting orders issued in various places.
Under the situation of restricting electricity use, the production capacity of some enterprises has been impacted, and the delivery pressure of the factory is high, and the limited production capacity has led to the inevitable delivery problems of suppliers.

It is reported that some companies have reduced their power consumption by 30% every day, or even strictly reduced their capacity by 50%, and their production capacity has plummeted by nearly half. It can only be cut in half.
According to analysis by industry insiders, for manufacturing companies, power curtailment will lead to a decrease in the operating rate. If the power curtailment for a long period of time will affect not only delayed delivery, but also market raw material supply, changes in market conditions, and even logistics prices. Are also affected.
A senior freight forwarder said that it is the traditional peak season and the market volume has basically been fixed. If the power limit order is implemented for a long time, the supply of cargo capacity is insufficient, and the increase in ocean freight will not be too high, it depends on how the freight forwarder quotes. The so-called big price cuts are actually returning to the initial normal level.
However, some freight forwarders believe that if the problem of port congestion is not resolved, the price will not come down and will rise back later. Moreover, it is unlikely that the electricity curtailment order will be implemented for a long time, but the peak season is as long as three or four months, so the duration of the shipping price reduction is not expected to be too long.