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Sunny Worldwide logistics information sharing: too difficult! Lottery booking! $10000 ocean freight! One box is hard to find! One cabin is hard to get!

Sunny Worldwide logistics information sharing: too difficult! Lottery booking! $10000 ocean freight! One box is hard to find! One cabin is hard to get!

Anma 2020-11-20 11:56:58

According to the latest information of Sunny Worldwide logistics,

One box is hard to find! One cabin is hard to get! Now the theme of this industry has become!

Recently, the China Europe Express has been swaying numbers and booking space, and the sky high sea freight of US $10000 has swept the screen of friends in the industry. All the discussions have highlighted the hardships and difficulties of foreign traders.

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China Europe train booking in 2021

We've all seen house lottery, car lottery, degree lottery Booking space and lottery! I believe many people have heard about it for the first time, but it seems that it really happened.

It is reported that at the meeting, 12 train platform companies, such as yixinou, issued a total of 2000 class seats by lottery, and the representatives attending the meeting were scrambling to book.

In the course of shipping reservation, each freight forwarder participating in the meeting can only book 3 routes and 20 shipping spaces at most. When the total amount of booking space exceeds the amount of available space, the lottery is needed.

The winning enterprises are not getting the actual shipping space, but can give priority to the booking right within the agreed time.

As of November 5, 10180 trains have been operated this year, setting a new record. 927000 TEUs have been transported, up 54% year on year. The comprehensive heavy container rate has reached 98.3%, reaching 21 countries and 92 cities in Europe.

Affected by the continuous impact of the hot market, part of the line booking space is 6 times the actual line!

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It can be said that the beginning of the lottery for the reservation of China Europe Express is the contradiction between the urgent need of foreign trade for export capacity and the lack of transport capacity, which leads to the re allocation of resources according to the market demand, and the lottery came into being.

In the face of container shipping shortage, warehouse explosion, container dumping, freight skyrocketing Will there be lottery booking in shipping market? We can't imagine!

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10000 US dollars of skyrocketing freight

Recently, the media reported that a 40 foot high container from a liner's salt field to algesilas, Spain, quoted a sky high price of US $10000!

In addition, the container prices of Qingdao, Southeast Asia, Southeast Asia are still high, and the container prices of Qingdao, Southeast Asia and South America are still rising.

Under the contradiction between supply and demand is the soaring price. China's export container price index released by Shanghai air exchange soared from below 850 points in May to 1107.28 points on November 13, setting a new high in recent years.

It is understood that at present, the price of 40 foot containers from Guangzhou to New York in the United States has risen to US $5000, three times higher than that before the epidemic. The price increase of special containers is even more crazy. Some freight forwarders have been raised by the shipping company by US $4000 in a short week, and some special containers in the northern port have even increased to US $10000. Before the epidemic, the price of special containers was only about US $1000.

The container is in a frenzy, and it is difficult for regulators to stop the price rise. The industry believes that the tight supply of containers will last at least until the first half of next year. Export enterprises and freight forwarders will continue to bear the cost pressure for a period of time, while the upstream shipping companies and container manufacturers still have a period of dividend to eat.

Industry insiders pointed out that the situation of "one ship is difficult to obtain and one box is difficult to obtain" in the global shipping market will continue, and the main shipping companies have ordered shipping space until late December.

"To some extent, there is no upper limit on freight, which depends on how much the shipper is willing to pay for the shipment."

It is difficult for the current situation of the shipping market to ease up this year.

It's hard to find one box in China. Where are the boxes

At this time, in large ports such as Qingdao, Lianyungang, Ningbo and Shanghai, due to the extremely lack of containers, the berthing operation of ships is delayed and the ports are under pressure. However, on the other side of the ocean, many ports in Europe and the United States are facing serious congestion due to the surge of containers.

The main reason for this situation is that the epidemic has affected the normal flow of Global trade. It is expected that after the epidemic situation is controlled, the situation that one box is hard to get in China will gradually disappear.

But looking at the international market, it is not difficult to find that the global market is seriously uneven.

According to the American port Truck Transportation Association (HTA), 10000-15000 containers have been stranded at the terminals in Los Angeles and long beach ports alone, leading to a "near complete paralysis" of cargo transportation in Los Angeles and long beach ports; West Coast ports and Chicago are also at a loss for the large number of empty containers brought about by the surge in imports.

Not only in the United States, but also in Australia and the United Kingdom, a large number of empty containers have been overstocked. It is estimated that the number of empty containers in Australia alone exceeds 50000.

The number of ships coming out of China is relatively large, but the number of ships from Europe, the United States and other places is small. In this context, China ships out containers one by one, but few come back, resulting in a large number of containers piled up in Europe and the United States, while it is difficult for China to get one container.

Multiple factors push up freight rates

For the reason of the recent boom in the consolidation and transportation market, industry insiders said it was the result of multiple factors. On the one hand, affected by the global epidemic situation, demand in the first half of the year was suppressed, and many businesses had the need to replenish their inventory; on the other hand, a large number of epidemic prevention materials were exported, and the demand for home shopping in overseas markets increased.

In addition, poor turnover of shipping containers further pushed up freight rates.

CIMC said in a recent investor survey: "at present, our container orders have been arranged around the Spring Festival next year. The demand of container market has increased significantly in recent years. The reasons are as follows: firstly, affected by the epidemic situation, the export containers are scattered all over the world and the flow is not smooth; secondly, the foreign governments have introduced the epidemic relief plan and other financial stimulus, which leads to the strong performance of demand side (such as living and office supplies) in the short term, and the housing economy is booming. Current judgment